Hi, welcome!
I'm Bruna and I am a Brazilian photographer based in New York City.
I started to experiment photography around 10 years ago, I remember when I was a teenager I had one of those "vacation film cameras" that my dad used to take on our vacations, was not even a good one, but I knew I like it, I used to take to school,trips, parties just to keep memories of my friends, but the magic real started to happen when my sister got one of those sony cybershoot cameras and I was hooked, I took that little camera everywhere and that little camera inspired me to see things my way, on that little screen I could create my own little world, and I started to create and experiment more and more thanks to patience friends who used posed for me with my sometimes "crazy ideas" and also my grandpa who used to make me lighting tripods (cause I didn't have money to buy LED lights at the time ) to test my portrait and self-portrait skills.
I walked a long way trying to understand myself as a photographer, what do I like and what inspires me, turns out, everything inspires me, of course some things more than others, but I will always look at the bright side to create something even on a bad occasion. 
I was never afraid to experiment, to see what is my path on this journey, I've worked on studios, I've been an assistant and I was even a cruise ship photographer, I was/am never afraid to work, I take everything as a learning experience and embrace that.

It's been around 5 years since I was started working with Ana Junqueira, a famous lifestyle photographer in my home city Belo Horizonte-Brazil and she taught me a lot, today she's not only one on my inspiration but she's a dear friend, was with her that I started shooting weddings and I was in love,
As a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I'm In the business of creating "the forever" feeling through my photography, I just love the fact that photography allows me to share and give back memories for someone. I love the feeling when  you remember a moment when you look at a photograph with your friend, family or even alone, that feeling that brings you back to that exact moment. I'm so blessed to give back those amazing moments to my clients that usually became my friends after I shoot a wedding, being there in such a personal moment for them it something that makes me beyond happy and emotional.
My wedding work can be found in InbalDror (www.inbaldror.co), Casamento & Cia Magazine, Constance Zahn Wedding (www.casamentos.cz), Ana Junqueira Photography (anajunqueira.com.br) and many more. 

I always liked portraits and fashion photography, since the beginning of my carrier it was something that I knew that I was going to shoot.
As a PORTRAIT/FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER (after I moved to New York I started to photograph and specialize in the plus size industry), I discovered a new world, full of self-love and beauty everywhere and It gives me a lot of pleasure to portray so many beautiful girls.
I created a project called "I Choose Me Project" where I tooked pictures of girls just being themselves and free from whatever the world thought that they would be.
My portrait/fashion work can be found on Fashion To Figure, Diverso Magazine, Dia&Co, Cacete & Co, Plus Model Mag and more.

                                                                                                                           I N S T A G R A M