Let's look inside, let's grow on the inside, so we can be better on the outside. The concept of my project is to allow people to believe in the power of self-esteem without any fears.      
Some people think that they are not beautiful to have a photoshoot, some of them hide in a group shoot. So it makes me very happy to show someone how beautiful they are and how confident they can be through my photography. 
Thank you to each one of you, for posing for me, for standing in front of me even with your fears and allowing me to see the real and beautiful you.

  Left to right:  Jenna Rusnak, Amanda Clare,   Desiree Jenkins, Denise Mercedes, Veronica Jonhson, Francesca Montialbano, Kimberly D, Cayla Jean, Gia, Melizza Williams, Ana York.

Left to right: Jenna Rusnak, Amanda Clare, Desiree Jenkins, Denise Mercedes, Veronica Jonhson, Francesca Montialbano, Kimberly D, Cayla Jean, Gia, Melizza Williams, Ana York.

I gotta be honest with you, when I made my move to New York City a year and a half ago, I never imagined that my journey would take me to a world bigger than I expected, beyond my deepest fears. This world that I’m talking about, is a world without anger, it's a world full of self-love and courage.

I had my first contact with a plus sized girl 2 months after I arrived in NYC. Denise Mercedes was the girl, and while she was standing in front of my lens, I felt naked. Don't get me wrong, I always thought I was confident, but I was not even near as confident as the girl standing in front of me. She was also full of fears, doubts and worried about haters picking on her but she kept going. I thought to myself, "wow, I want to be a part of this, I feel safe here, I feel like this is what I’m supposed to be doing.”

She opened the doors and let me in. When I entered, a lot of girls were waiting for me on the other side, smiling, waiting to hug me and I never felt more safe. 


I created this project as a THANK YOU to each one of them. The ones who opened the doors for me, who let me see them, beautiful, just the way they are. Because, boy oh boy, they are beautiful, they are confident and they encourage each other. 

Every time I met one of them it was like I was in front of greatness and every photoshoot was unique and a learning experience, not only was I shooting, I was listening life histories. Each one of them carried their problems, carried their fears. It's not always a happy ride, to road is full of obstacles, but they keep going with grace and the best part of it is, as they keep going, they take you by their hand. I wanted to show them that even though they were the one taking my hand, I also wanted to take theirs. To tell them that its ok to CHOOSE yourself first, love yourself first so you can be confident enough to help others.

This project made me grow more in one year, than I ever expected to grow. Grow as a photographer but grow even more as person. As a person who feels and share doubts and fears, I tell you, the road is much lighter because of them.

I've worked on this project for one year and to end this photo series, I called them for a special photoshoot on a cold Sunday in the city. I was so happy to see some friendly faces and also my good soul sister Amanda who posed with them. It's amazing to see them growing as models and as human beings, full of self-love to share. My heart was full of light, so once again thank you for being there. For the girls who couldn’t make it to the final shoot, you were also there being represented by the others.

So once again, THANK YOU.
With love.