Sam & Lauren - Wedding Day

Last November I got to shoot and see the wedding of two incredible in love human beings. Sam and Lauren. I still remember the day I met Sam, it was one of my first weeks in the city back in May and the moment I saw him I knew it, I thought to myself "I'm going to be friends with this guy forever". My good friend and soul connection Ana (@anajunqueira ) from Brazil says that when we have a connection with someone like that its cause we are soul brothers, and this is how my friendship with Sam is. I was on an airbnb listing my first month here and this is how we crossed each other's paths, destiny brought me to his life in a mysterious way and I saw the beginning of a beautiful love history between him and the sweet Lauren. Sam is one of the most interesting and kindest people I've met, just like his beautiful wife Lauren that always tells me that their love is amazing cause they don't need to explain themselves, they are just them, Lauren and Sam, pure, amazing, can't live without each other love. They got married on a beautiful day surrounded by their family and friends. In a world full of hate, I was blessed to be in a room full of love, the love that touches you, the love you feel floating in the room. Congratulations you two, your love is one of the reasons that living in this world is amazing. God bless you guys. 

This was a perfect DIY wedding, you see Lauren's hands in every detail. It was all hands on deck, their closest friends and family were there to make sure everything was perfect, and it was.
She did her bouquet on the morning of the wedding.
They got married on the W LOFT in Williamsburg. 

Sam stop by to give her a kiss while she was organizing everything.

Sam's mom is also a photographer and she was helping me capture everything <3

Lauren had the best vibe going on, when her brother drop off the cake at the venue, the cake was starting to fall apart 'cause he put on the trunk of his car and it moved, so instead of freak out, she just took the most out of the situation and laugh about it. By the way, best wedding cake ever.

You know what your best friends and bridesmaids do it for you when you get ready? PIZZA
Her girls make sure everything was running out perfectly,
Her making off was so much fun <3

She was the most beautiful bride. 
It was such a cold and beautiful day.

A very emotional ceremony, too much love on the air. 

These two <3 I cannot describe what was the energy that day, it was amazing.
And we had the best time at the after party.

And the cake, THE CAKE! 

God bless you guys, I cannot thank you too enough for everything.