Elly Mayday for the #ICHOOSEMEPROJECT

I remember I was browsing through facebook when this video popped up on my timeline:

I remember I was watching this and I was speechless.  I was in front of greatness. It hit me like a rough wave, a strong and beautiful rough wave. I was so moved by this girl, by her words, by the true sentiment that was shared. 
Later that day for my surprise, Elly appears on my instagram, and in my mind I was like : I have to tell her about my project, being strong like her is the reason why I do that, why I show real beauty. So I contact her and she was adorable, we set up a meeting, we had dinner and we end up shopping on this amazing vintage shop (thank you Elly for the this tip) and a few days later we did an amazing shoot over at my friends apartment in Soho. (thank you Andrew and Sam)
Here are a few shots of this beautiful soul. Thank you Elly, for being a inspiration to a lot of girls and boys, for being natural, for being a human, for being you.

Photography: Bruna Lacerda
Model: Elly MayDay
Beauty: Glyyn Renne Artistry