Welcome to the #Ichoosemeproject! 
In order to help people we must help ourselves first. There is nothing wrong in choosing ourselves and loving ourselves first so we can be confident enough to help others to love themselves too. Let's look inside, let's grow on the inside so we can be better on the outside. The concept of my project is to allow people to believe in the power of self esteem without any fear. Some people think that they are not beautiful to have a photoshoot, some of them hide in a group shoot. So it makes me very happy to show someone how beautiful they are and how confident they can be through my photography. We are humans and we are beautiful.

To celebrate the end of this series, I invited the girls who posed for this project to do a very special photoshoot. 
It was very raw and emotional and I learned a lot with all of them during this project and I will be forever grateful for this experience. 
Click here to see it.

FAQ: Who can be a part of the I Choose Me Project?
Everyone can be apart of the #ichoosemeproject. I'm looking for genuine people, who would pose for me in their most natural self. I want to capture you and you only, not the brand you are wearing. So don't worry about that, this project is about you, being one hundred percent you in front of my lens, your emotions, your beautiful side, there's no brands, no outside world, it's you and me only. If you want more like a fashion style shoot, ask me about my different photo packages.

Is it free to be a part of the project?
No, but I do have a special rate just for this project, also, the money is going to be used to help me on the I Choose Me Project exhibition here in New York.

I agree to be a part of the project, what's the next step?
Locations, usually I like to shoot outdoors, around the city, but I also shoot in my room, it depends on how you want to be portrayed. 
In terms of clothing, I just want you to use what makes you feel great and comfortable.
You also agree to be used on my website and social media to spread the word about the project, if you don't want me to share your image, if this is something just for you, let me know and I will respect you.
Also, I encourage you to use the #Ichoosemeproject when you are using it online, this way you help me spread the word.

This project has reached to an end, I'm now working on the next part of it, the exhibition.
Looking forward to share my next steps with the #ichoosemeproject with everyone.

Looking forward to meet you.